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The value of innovative medicines for healthcare accessibility across the EU

The value of innovative medicines for healthcare accessibility across the EU

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The right to timely, affordable and quality healthcare is one of the key foundations established in the European Pillar of Social Rights.[1] However, part of the EU-population still suffers from unmet medical needs due to high costs, distance or long waiting lists.[2] An ageing population, steadily growing needs, and the rise of chronic diseases are just some of the obstacles health systems in Europe face today.

On April 14 and 15, an informal meeting of health ministers will be held in the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest to discuss how to improve access to innovative medicines for EU citizens.[3]

In the context of this meeting, Martin Price – Vice President for health economics, market access and reimbursement EMEA at Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson – highlighted the value of affordable breakthrough treatments for patients across Europe in a recent Q&A for Politico.

“At Janssen, we discover and develop transformational medicines that can treat and cure patients diagnosed with some of the world’s most challenging diseases,” Martin said, emphasizing the crucial innovation role pharmaceutical performed by companies like Janssen.

He also explained Janssen’s pricing process and how its three fundamental principles aim to achieve broader healthcare access for patients, noting that “as we see the emergence of some of the most effective drugs in history, it’s essential that the patients who need them most can access them.”

Finally, Martin stressed the importance of key stakeholders working together to ensure patients get access to the right medicines at the right time: “We strongly believe collaboration is the key to addressing the sustainability of the health care ecosystem.”

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