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Our breakthroughs

"We’re striving to change expectations of what a cancer diagnosis means, and our efforts will continue as long as there are people who need new treatment options."

Kris Sterkens


We have five breakthrough treatments already in use in Europe and four more in the latter stages of clinical testing.

At Janssen, we are pursuing the cancer types and sub-types which we know best: where our understanding of disease pathways and the needs of patients are greatest, and where we can achieve the highest impact towards a cure. These include haematological malignancies, prostate cancer, bladder cancer and lung cancer.

Janssen has a number of oncology compounds in development, including eight in clinical development and an additional seven in pre-clinical development. Many of the compounds in our pipeline are the result of collaboration agreements.

With a number of regulatory approvals, several new drug application submissions and new breakthrough therapy designations from the FDA, we are increasingly confident in our pipeline expectation of filing 11 new pharmaceutical products between 2015 and 2019.

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