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Our research journey

“When we see something special in oncology research, we will go the ends of the earth to get it done.”

Craig Tendler

M.D. Vice President, ONCOLOGY CLINICAL DEVELOPMENT and Global Medical Affairs

At Janssen Oncology, we are pursuing the cancer types and sub-types which we know best: where our understanding of disease pathways and the needs of patients are greatest, and where we can achieve the highest impact towards a cure. These include haematological malignancies, prostate cancer, bladder cancer and lung cancer.

But we are also trying to go one step further, stopping cancer before it can get a hold in the body - a process known as cancer interception. Researching this will help us develop groundbreaking products to interrupt the process. With the help of some wonderful partners and ground-breaking collaborations, we are making great progress. Watch the video below for more on the science behind cancer interception.

Our pipeline includes platforms and principles that span various targets and driver pathways; next generation immuno-oncology agents; precision medicine and diagnostics; and combination regimens.

  • Medicines with new mechanisms of action and novel combination treatment regimens will allow us to attack new, unexplored disease pathways and create treatments for patients who don’t respond to current regimens
  • With better understanding of specific genetic alterations which fuel metastatic disease, we are driving the development of precision medicines, with accompanying diagnostics that help us quickly identify the patients for whom a treatment may work

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