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Why Intellectual Property Rights are important for public health

Why Intellectual Property Rights are important for public health

Innovation, the discovery of new treatments and the development of medicines is our core activity and aims at meeting unfulfilled medical needs. This means that we work to find treatment paths, improved or new medication and more to help patients lead longer and better lives.

Intellectual Property has enabled the research and development of today’s medicines and it will lead to the development cure and treatment of currently still unmet needs. Intellectual Property is at the heart of our health system as it sustains the financing model for research and development. Through the protection of intellectual property Janssen is able to recover its investments and continue to invest in new research, without this there would be no private funding of research and we would no longer be able to fulfill our mission.

26 April is World Intellectual Property Day and together with our European Federation and other pharmaceutical companies we support the effort to raise awareness about the importance of Intellectual Property for the sustainability and further improvement of our public health systems.

Read the EFPIA blog post from Nathalie Moll (General Director of EFPIA) for information and a short video on the topic.

Today people in our region are benefitting from innovative medicines that exist thanks to Intellectual Property Rights and Patents: