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Sustainability has been part of the Janssen corporate culture for a long time. We contribute to a better world by improving health and well-being, by treating our planet with care, by having our company implement a sound financial strategy, and by acting in an ethically responsible manner every day.

Social sustainability

Janssen accepts responsibility for the patients, employees, and local and international communities where it operates.

We work together with patient organizations to gain a better insight into precise patient needs. We use this acquired knowledge to develop new treatments and provide useful information. We also give specific support so that these organizations can complete their projects independently.

We strive for the sustainable deployment of our employees and care for their physical and mental health, safety, and ongoing training.

Finally, we also accept our responsibility in the community via the GROW project. With this project, we aim to give those in need the strength to develop their potential to the full in society.

Economic sustainability

Janssen firmly believes that healthy operating results, proper management, and focused activities are the best path to economic sustainability. We invest heavily in partnerships in the framework of an open innovation model and in the continuous adaptation of our cost competitiveness by developing a number of medicines with a high therapeutic value.

Environmental sustainability

At Janssen, environmental sustainability starts at the stage when new products are developed by investing in green chemistry and green technology, including in the laboratories. During our drug production process, we aim to improve our environmental performance constantly. Janssen makes sure that as few product components as possible end up in the environment. We strive for a sustainable transition of energy, waste, raw materials, water, emissions, and biodiversity. In short, we adopt a caring and responsible approach right through to the end of the life cycle of our medicines.

The future has to be sustainable