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Patient Care Innovation

Janssen Healthcare Innovation

Janssen Healthcare Innovation

Jessica Riley, Shells
Transforming Healthcare for Patients

Innovation is not just about ideation; it’s about experimentation and execution. It’s a process of learning and adjusting, achieving by exceeding. That is what inspires our team daily at Janssen Healthcare Innovation (JHI) and encourages us to develop cutting-edge health solutions that will improve patient outcomes, and create a healthier world. JHI, an entrepreneurial group within Janssen Research & Development, LLC, is focused on improving the quality of healthcare by putting the patient at the center of care and addressing the gaps in how healthcare is delivered to patients.

The team’s “fail-fast, learn, iterate, reapply and execute with excellence” philosophy is bringing to life Care4Today® integrated care solutions and enabling technologies to help improve outcomes, empower patients and providers and extend the continuum of care. Our team is focused on addressing areas that can significantly improve consumer health, such as medication adherence, cardiac rehabilitation, post-surgical recovery and mental healthcare.