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Janssen In Hong Kong

Janssen in Hong Kong

Janssen in Hong Kong


Our Company


At Janssen, we collaborate with the world for the health of everyone in it.

At Janssen, we are creating a future where disease is a thing of the past. We are the Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, working tirelessly to make the future a reality for patients everywhere by fighting sickness with science, improving access with ingenuity and healing hopelessness with heart.

Janssen is named after our founder Dr. Paul Janssen, who was a leading researcher, pharmacologist and general practitioner. In 1961, Janssen Pharmaceutica joined the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. Today, even as our company has grown and evolved to serve the changing needs of our patients and the healthcare industry, we are still guided by Dr Janssen’s values of excellence and innovation.

With approximately 40,000 employees in more than 150 countries worldwide, we rise to the challenge each day in the pursuit of a healthier future for every person. This goal is embodied in our mission and vision

Our presence in Asia Pacific and in Hong Kong

With offices all around the Asia Pacific, we set out to empower people with the knowledge and medicines they need to achieve the best possible results for their health. We focus our efforts and resources where the need is high, the science is compelling and we have the greatest opportunity to save and improve lives. We believe that we can make the biggest impact by focusing on these therapeutic areas: cardiovascular & metabolism, immunology, infectious diseases & vaccines, neuroscience, oncology and pulmonary hypertension.

We are a worldwide organization with a local focus to bring our innovative treatments to every corner of the globe. Our Hong Kong office was established in 1987. For over 30 years, we have been at the frontline of care, working closely with our key stakeholders to tackle some of the most pressing public health challenges in Hong Kong, with the vision to create a healthier city where people live, work and grow.

We are Janssen, the Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson. Together, we are creating a future where disease is a thing of the past. This is Our Janssen Promise.


Our Drive

We are driven by our belief that ‘patients are waiting’ and there is no time to waste. We work for change that will improve access to effective and affordable medicines for the people who need them.


Our Goal

To advance access to good health for all, we seek out medical breakthroughs wherever they occur, leveraging new technologies and embracing science.


Our Destination

We are ‘all in’ until society’s most daunting diseases are found only in the pages of history books and good health is within the reach of all humanity.

Who are we?

Watch this video to find out what we do to prevent, treat and cure some of the world’s most devastating and complex diseases.