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Our Work

Human Microbiome Institute

Human Microbiome Institute 

Microbial artwork credit: Mehmet Berkmen, Ph.D. and Maria Peñil
Our Work

We work with our partners to translate exciting ideas into therapies and other health solutions, and to create knowledge and resources that will advance the field as a whole. Our current collaborations span a range of scientific inquiry—from microbiome-based digital diagnostic tools to sophisticated cocktails of microorganisms to treat disease. We investigate hypothesized links between the microbiome and disease, support early-stage clinical studies, and contribute to the development of necessary capabilities such as microbiome analytics and models. We are particularly excited about the unique potential of the microbiome to generate early insights through in-human discovery, and our partnerships and investments reflect our enthusiasm to this novel approach.

Current collaborations include:

Caelus Health - With the scientific support of the JHMI and Bioqube Ventures, Caelus Health (Caelus) has become a portfolio company of Johnson & Johnson Innovation - JJDC, Inc. (JJDC) and one of the first companies to join the JLINX community in Beerse, Belgium, which nurtures early-stage companies by providing access to resources to grow and network across the European life science ecosystem. Caelus is advancing the clinical development of pharmaceutical products based on in-human insights for the treatment of obesity-associated T2DM and cardio-metabolic complications.

DayTwo Ltd. and the Weizmann Institute of Science - The JHMI, together with the Janssen Disease Interception Accelerator (DIA), has initiated a collaboration with DayTwo Ltd. and the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, to pursue microbiome-based health solutions targeting metabolic disorders. The JHMI is engaged in a separate research collaboration with the Weizmann Institute of Science, wherein human microbiome datasets will be mined for the identification and validation of microbiome-based pharmaceutical therapies through the Weizmann Institute of Science’s robust research and analytics expertise.

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai - The JHMI is engaged in a research collaboration with Dr. Jeremiah Faith’s lab at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to explore how the composition of donor and recipient microbiota influence the effectiveness of microbiome-based treatments, ultimately providing insights to inform the design of therapeutic candidates.

Mosaic - The JHMI has partnered with DNAnexus to sponsor challenges on Mosaic, a cloud-based microbiome informatics platform providing a secure and collaborative space where researchers can develop, improve, compare, and share microbiome research methods. The challenges encourage community-driven research and seek answers to speed the translation of microbiome science into insights to inform novel product development.

University of California, San Diego – The JHMI is a participant in the Corporate Member Board of the Center for Microbiome Innovation at UC San Diego, led by microbiome pioneer Rob Knight. The JHMI and participating members are dedicated to advancing microbiome sampling, sequencing and data analysis capabilities that will enable translation of microbiome insights and observations into solutions that impact patient health.


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