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Janssen Storytellers: The Journey Forward

Janssen Immunology Storytellers – The Journey Forward

Janssen Immunology is taking the journey towards redefining inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) for the next generation, one step at a time.

Meet Shannon, a scientist with Janssen R&D, and Brooke, an IBD patient advocate and author of the blog, The Crazy Creole Mommy Chronicles. Although both live very different lives, their vision for the future of autoimmune disease is the same: creating a world free from IBD for their children.

Watch as Shannon learns more about the role that an overall healthy and active lifestyle plays in disease, while Brooke shares the unpredictability of living with IBD and hope for future treatments.

Check out all of the Janssen Immunology Storytellers videos on the Storytellers playlist on the Janssen Global YouTube channel!



Air-liquid interface culture of colonic epithelial cells; Clara Moon, Janssen R&D