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Discovery & Development

Discovery & Development

"At Janssen, we're relentlessly focused on discovering, developing and delivering lifesaving prevention methods, vaccines and treatments for the world's most threatening infectious diseases. We are driven to safeguard public health by responding to global threats and eliminating the burden these diseases place on society."

Penny Heaton, M.D.

Global Therapeutic Area Head, Infectious Diseases & Vaccines

Our portfolio is fueled by our world-class discovery and development teams and external collaborators. We continue to work to deliver innovative solutions that contribute to the global fight against infectious diseases and improve the lives of millions through prevention, treatment and cure.

Our approach to the research and development of therapeutics and vaccines combines agility and speed with deep scientific expertise to address and prevent some of the most life-threatening infectious diseases, including:


During the drug and vaccine discovery process, we explore multiple modes of action, technologies and optimized processes to speed up the advancement of high-quality potential solutions towards clinical testing. Even once clinical studies are underway, ongoing discovery work can increase understanding of emerging clinical data and support program decisions.


Clinical studies are investigating the safety, efficacy and convenience potential of multiple modes of action to treat, prevent and, where possible, cure diseases.

Advanced technologies and platforms allow us to expedite vaccine development and pursue next-generation therapeutics.

A global mindset is at the heart of our studies, which are designed to ensure that solutions are suitable and accessible to people worldwide.

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Infectious Diseases & Vaccines

Infectious Diseases & Vaccines

The structure of HIV
The structure of HIV