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Better Data for Cancer

Better Data for Cancer

At Janssen, we’re proud of our collaborations with healthcare providers and patient groups in Ireland to help improve patient outcomes and the effectiveness of patient care.

An example of this is our Janssen-led partnership initiative Better Data for Cancer, which aims to promote benefits of better data for research and healthcare purposes as well as for individual patients in Ireland.

Good quality health data is vital for healthcare professionals to provide safe and effective care. Health systems can learn from our collective data to improve the quality, integration and safety of care. Health research needs to be accelerated so we can better prevent disease, improve care pathways and develop new forms of care delivery and treatment more efficiently.

By comparison with our European peers, Ireland fares poorly in the collection of quality data on cancer care and treatment. In October 2019, Janssen organised a roundtable meeting titled Uncovering the Value of Real-World Data for Blood Cancer, in collaboration with the Irish Cancer Society, Blood Cancer Network Ireland, Multiple Myeloma Ireland and CLL Ireland. This event brought together thought leaders on data, oncology and haematology, patient representatives and decision-makers in order to foster new ideas and build partnerships on the access and use of cancer data in Ireland.

The accompanying policy report and infographic, the Value of Better Health Data in Cancer, captures recommendations from key stakeholders and experts on how to improve availability and use of better cancer data for multiple objectives including policy making and service planning, clinical decision making and patient care, for clinical trials and research and for measuring cost effectiveness and value for money in cancer care.

Collaboration and partnership are crucial in achieving these objectives and its hoped that these recommendations on how to create a Better Data Environment for Cancer in Ireland will help drive the issue further up the agenda of all stakeholders across the Irish health service.


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