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Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update
Last Update: 21 July  2021

EMA raises awareness of clinical care recommendations to manage suspected thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome:

In our role as a global health leader, Johnson & Johnson is closely monitoring the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation and taking steps to help prevent the spread of the virus as well as exploring the potential for a vaccine.

We have robust business continuity plans in place across our global supply chain network to prepare for unforeseen events and to meet the needs of the patients, customers and consumers who depend on our products.

These steps include maintaining critical inventory at major distribution centres away from high-risk areas and working with external suppliers to support our preparedness plans.

The need for increased restrictions in some countries to help address the spread of the virus is presenting global supply chains with unprecedented logistical challenges; however, we are working closely with suppliers, distributors, local governments and regulators to continue to meet patient, customer and consumer need. We are closely monitoring product demand and supply levels across our global network to ensure adequate and effective distribution and working to minimize delivery disruption to our customers who depend on us for timely delivery.

While this remains a dynamic situation, we do not foresee pharmaceutical supply interruptions related to COVID-19 at this time. As a leader in global health, our top priority remains our patients, customers and employees. We are partnering with global and local health authorities to address immediate and long-term health care needs, to ensure sustainable supply of our critical medicines, as well as to research potential vaccines and therapeutics.

We will remain on the front lines of this health crisis, bringing our full resources and minds to combat it.


CP-248687 | July 2020