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Future for Cell and Gene Therapies in Ireland

Future for Cell and Gene Therapies in Ireland

In medicine, there is a revolution happening that is changing how we treat, and potentially cure, some of the most devastating of diseases. Cell and gene therapies are a new frontier in science that holds the prospect of significantly modifying the trajectory of disease and, in the process, changing the lives of patients for the better.

Cell therapy replaces diseased, faulty or missing cells with healthy versions. Gene therapy helps correct faulty DNA to cure genetic diseases. These breakthrough treatments, aiming to treat, prevent and potentially cure genetic and acquired diseases, are, so far, not available in Ireland.



The PWC ‘Pathfinder Study for the Adoption of Cell and Gene Therapies in Ireland’ [DOWNLOAD PDF], was commissioned by Janssen together with the IPHA and some other member companies to identify the steps required to ensure Irish patients can gain access to these Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs), including CAR-T treatments over the coming years.

We hope the study can inform the debate about how to assess and measure the value these breakthrough therapies can bring to patients and how to ensure they are sustainable for the health service.

The study urges a cross-stakeholder approach to realising the clinical potential of cell and gene therapies, bringing together government, industry, clinical and patient leaders to create a policy on the adoption of cell and gene therapies in the Irish health service.  



CP-346537 | September 2022