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R&D at Janssen

Research & Development
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Research & Development at Janssen: innovations which lead to better insights into diseases

As far as Janssen is concerned, working on incremental improvements to healthcare is not enough. We leverage our scientific expertise to transform entire disease categories and make significant contributions to global public health.

In our five priority therapeutic areas, we bring together top scientists and researchers. They pursue the most promising science and promote collaboration to create visionary medicines and healthcare solutions.

With precision medicine, we are working on transforming the study of diseases by investing in best-in-class research capabilities in genomics, biotherapeutics, biomarkers, molecular and companion diagnostics, the microbiome, disease interception and prevention, and vaccine platforms.

We are accessing early-stage breakthrough innovations from the leading innovation hotspots around the world, thereby connecting our in-house expertise with the best available external science.

We think of the world as our laboratory and we look for innovation wherever it exists. This drives our relentless search for the best science and our pursuit of collaborations and partnerships. We believe there are no limits to what science can do. And we never lose sight of those who rely most on our discoveries.

CP-346822 | September 2022