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ממולקולה לרפואה

From Molecule to Medicine

Disease causes pain and suffering in patients, as well as heartache for their nearest and dearest.

Since the early 1990's scientists have discovered and developed more than 300 new treatments for more than 150 disorders. And yet there are still far more diseases than cures today.

Science and medicine have undergone groundbreaking changes in recent decades. The opportunities for discovery are greater than ever. And yet the development of life-saving therapies is still an incredibly challenging task. The discovery, the development and the testing of a new drug takes years: on average as many as fourteen! It is a journey that entails a great many misfortunes and dead-end streets. But with the efforts made by our team, every single day, there is renewed hope for a cure.

Watch the video below for an exciting behind-the-scenes journey through the drug development process.

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