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JCI Leadership

JCI Leadership

Meet the team driving JCI's forward-looking initiatives: individuals as diverse – in training, talents, geographic roots, and professional passions – as the broad portfolio of Janssen.

Tammy Guld, M.S.


Tammy is the Global Lead of Janssen Clinical Innovation, with more than 20 years of experience in strategic and operational delivery across clinical development, regulatory affairs, and healthcare innovation.

Based in New Jersey, she currently leads the creation and scaling of new operational approaches and technologies into clinical research with the goals of expediting drug development, reducing overall costs, and improving patient and site experiences.

Through the design and conduct of novel trial models and demonstration projects, Tammy is responsible for the overall performance and portfolio optimization of JCI, generating data and knowledge about the feasibility, impact, and value of new capabilities.

Tammy previously served as Head of Central Clinical Planning & Solutions at Bristol Myers Squibb, where she led a global team that expedited clinical trials through application of external insights, analytics and digital technology.

Tammy Guld, M.S.

Global Lead, JCI

Monique Adams, Ph.D.


Monique Adams is the Director of Janssen Clinical Innovation, where she leads the strategy development and implementation plans for innovation initiatives within patient centrality, non-conventional trial methods, and patient data for research areas.  She also manages the innovation project leads.

Monique has a broad understanding of clinical development, gained through years of experience across Medical Affairs and Global Clinical Operations in different market environments.  She comes to Janssen from Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) where she most recently developed the Clinical Trial Transparency capability which included building a team responsible for disclosure activities globally and the development of a registration & results reporting platform. She has provided thought leadership in this domain through multiple roles within TransCelerate, a biopharma consortium. In addition to her leadership over Clinical Trial Transparency, Monique had oversight for the non-clinical academic collaborations.  She has a BS in biology, a MS in physiology, and earned her Ph.D. in pharmacology from University of Washington.

Monique Adams, Ph.D.

Director, JCI

Bert Hartog, Ph.D.


Bert is the Senior Director and Innovation Leader for Janssen Clinical Innovation based in Belgium. As an industry expert in global clinical operations and digital health, he leads transformational innovation projects aimed at shaping the future of clinical trial execution and positioning Janssen as a role model in patient-centered clinical research.

Before joining the JCI team in 2015, Bert worked in Clinical Operations, QA and IT management, and today his main focus is developing capabilities for digital health in clinical trials, including digital outcome measures and technologies for remote patient monitoring.

Bert Hartog, Ph.D.

Senior Director, JCI

Martine Lewi, MBA, Ph.D.


Tine Lewi is the Scientific Director for Janssen Clinical Innovation based in Belgium. Tine is responsible for leading patient data for research initiatives and introducing novel projects in the area of data science. She has several years of experience leading innovation projects in data management and analytics solution development and is passionate about Real-World Data (RWD) initiatives to optimize clinical research across the R&D lifecycle, from compound development to post-marketing surveillance. Tine has a special interest in using health data for early diagnosis and disease interception, understanding disease trajectories and treatment optimization through RWD.

She has a background in computer science, medical informatics and applied economics, having obtained a PhD on health communication for disease prevention.

Martine Lewi, MBA, Ph.D.

Scientific Director, JCI

Dmitri Talantov, M.D.


Dr. Talantov is a medical leader with Janssen Clinical Innovation based in California. He is responsible for development of novel clinical trial models, including direct-to-patient and hybrid trials and integration of digital technologies into clinical trials.

Prior to joining JCI, Dr. Talantov served as a medical director with Janssen Healthcare Innovation, where he led evidence-generation efforts across its portfolio and worked to develop and implement integrated care solutions in commercial settings.

Previously, Dr. Talantov was responsible for translational medicine components of early clinical development programs in immunology and in cardiovascular and metabolic therapeutic areas with Janssen R&D. Dr. Talantov had also led multiple projects around molecular cancer diagnostics with the Medical Devices sector of Johnson & Johnson.

Dmitri Talantov, M.D.

Senior Medical Director, JCI