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Technology-Enabled Genomics

The rapid evolution of high-throughput sequencing technologies empowers us to collect high dimensional genomics data on huge numbers of patients, enabling the discovery of novel biomarker, mechanisms of action and drug targets.

Technology-Enabled Genomics

The study of genomics lies at the crux of science and medicine, offering us an opportunity to fundamentally change the way we address patient stratification, drug development, as well as implement target identification and validation practices.

Whole genome sequencing provides a valuable tool for the future of personalized medicine to help pinpoint functional variants from association studies with phenotypic data and better understand how genomics influence phenotypes to inform drug development decision-making.

Through strategic partnerships and rigorous analysis, we are developing comprehensive data sets to ensure we understand and can help patients of all backgrounds.

  • Janssen partnered with a consortium of pharmaceutical partners in collaboration with the UK Biobank. This project, based on a vast constellation of phenotype data collected on 500,000 individuals in the UK for the past 15 years, will read and assemble the genomic sequences of these volunteers in order to facilitate population-based association studies.
  • We also joined industry partner FinnGen in its project to produce genome-wide genotype data collected from 500,000 Finnish biobank participants. The data allows researchers to identify correlations between genetic factors and health outcomes, enabling genetic discoveries and enhancing drug target identification.

We understand the power of being better together, building partnerships uniquely designed to help address the problems we seek to solve. And as our world continues evolving, we are always learning, inspired by people and teams across industries who are harnessing innovation so more people can have the medicines they need.