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Janssen Statement on Arbitration Related to DARZALEX® Exclusive Global License and Development Agreement

Apr 07, 2022
United States

The Arbitration Panel’s ruling in Janssen’s favor is consistent with the terms of the parties’ daratumumab global license and development agreement.

Janssen has a longstanding commitment to the discovery, development and delivery of transformational therapies that address some of the most devastating and complex diseases, including cancer. We advance this commitment by engaging in cutting-edge research and through strategic collaborations.

We are proud of our strong partnership and collaboration with Genmab to make a meaningful difference for patients living with multiple myeloma. The outcome of this arbitration does not impact the continued global clinical development of DARZALEX®(daratumumab) or DARZALEX FASPRO® (daratumumab and hyaluronidase human-fihj), nor does it affect our focus on ensuring patients and physicians maintain access to this innovative medicine.