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Jorge Villacian, M.D.

Jorge Villacian, MD

Jorge Villacian, M.D. joined the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies as Director of Medical Affairs for Virco in Belgium in 2006. He holds an M.D. from Universidad Anahuac, Mexico City and specialized in Internal Medicine at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, Florida, and in Infectious Diseases at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, New York. Jorge worked in the public health and hospital infectious diseases fields in the South Pacific and in Singapore developing clinical and translational research capabilities.  He also held a clinical teaching appointment with the National University of Singapore. Prior to joining Johnson & Johnson, Jorge led the clinical development of a protease inhibitor for the treatment of resistant HIV in Europe, Asia and Latin America with Boehringer Ingelheim in a program culminating with the approval of the drug for the treatment of multi-resistant HIV. He has presented and published extensively on topics related to infectious diseases and, in particular, to HIV.