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Kevin Wildenhaus, Ph.D.



As Behavioral Science Lead for the World Without Disease Accelerator (WWDA), Kevin leads behavioral science efforts across the WWDA portfolio. His responsibility within the WWDA focuses on executing foundational biological research into critical human behaviors known to impact the pathology of select diseases, to ultimately enable pharmaceutical, medical device, or behavioral solutions for disease interception. He is directly responsible for global smoking cessation solutions as part of the Protect Pillar of the Lung Cancer Initiative (LCI).

Kevin has more than 30 years of experience in health psychology, behavioral science, and the use of technology to drive engagement and clinically proven behavior change. Previously, Kevin held a role in Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Consumer R&D, providing key insights to drive increased loyalty, adherence, compliance and health habit formation across the portfolio of J&J Consumer Brands. Before joining J&J, Kevin held roles at SocialWellth, a health technology company, and at HealthMedia, Inc. where he led a clinical team in developing and researching individually tailored, digital health coaching solutions to improve lifestyle behaviors and manage chronic conditions. In addition to his expertise in health behavior change, Kevin has also served as Team Psychologist for the Pittsburgh Steelers since 2001 and the Pittsburgh Penguins since 2018.

Kevin received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Wayne State University. He has authored many peer-reviewed scientific articles and thought leadership white papers, has written several academic book chapters in psychology, and has conducted numerous keynotes, presentations, workshops and seminars.