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New Study on Corporate Pharma Reputation by PatientView

New Study on Corporate Pharma Reputation by PatientView

In February 2014 PatientView, a UK-based research, publishing and consultancy group, published its third annual Corporate Reputation report. PatientView surveyed 800 patient groups from 43 countries from across many different disease and healthcare specialties. Following a described methodology the questions help define what patients require from pharmaceutical companies.

For the second consecutive year, Janssen is in the top-5 in this international survey that ranks the reputation of thirty-three pharmaceutical companies. Our company is ranked 5 compared to 4 last year. Of the categories evaluated Janssen scored high in “patient-centricity” and “transparency”.

Janssen believe very strongly in a collaborative model involving many stakeholders in healthcare to move pharmaceutical development forward. This is not possible without trust between these partners and reputation studies such as PatientView’s help identify areas where progress can be made.