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Michael Krams, M.D.



Michael Krams, M.D., is Global Head, Quantitative Sciences, Janssen R&D, leading a global team of statisticians, modelers and clinical pharmacologists, who apply quantitative intelligence and model-based drug development across all therapeutic areas. The team brings quantitative approaches to drug development to enable the best possible decision, at the earliest timepoint, in the most efficient manner, and deliver innovative medicines to patients.

Mike is a neurologist with expertise in functional brain imaging gained from his work at the Institute of Neurology in London. He trained in neurology and internal medicine at the universities of Essen and Munich and is a graduate of the University of Munich medical school.

Before joining Janssen, Mike served as Vice President, Adaptive Trials and Applied Program Strategies for Wyeth Research. At Pfizer he worked in clinical development, designing and implementing an adaptive dose-ranging study with real-time estimation of the dose response and real-time adaptive treatment allocation and stopping rules.

Mike co-authored more than 50 papers for peer-reviewed publications, many of which have explored issues related to adaptive designs in drug development. As former co-chair of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) working group on adaptive designs, he contributed to making adaptive designs a more widely used methodology. Mike is an advocate of fostering broader cooperation across academia, government and industry research and development to improve the probability of success in drug development.