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Focus on Mood Disorders

Mood Disorders
Our Areas of Interest for Collaboration



Nerve fibers
Nerve fibers

Depression and Treatment-Resistant DepressionBipolar DepressionBiomarkers and Integrated Solutions
  • Novel therapeutic agents that have fast onset of action, good safety and tolerability profiles, and that address common co-morbidities (for example, anxiety and substance abuse)
    • Glutamatergic modulators
    • Neuroactive cytokines
    • Molecules that positively impact synaptic plasticity and cellular resilience
  • Phase 2 and later-stage opportunities with defined mechanism of action and superior efficacy over standard of care
  • Novel therapeutic agents that provide rapid improvement in bipolar depression and in suicidal patients and that produce long-term stabilization of mood and prevent recurrences
  • Predictive biomarkers of response to antidepressants
  • Biomarkers for relapse prediction
  • Diagnostic biomarkers to identify subgroups with different etiologies