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Information about Janssen’s transparency data

Information about Janssen’s transparency data
Jun 29, 2022

Information about Janssen’s transparency data

At Janssen we believe that partnering with the medical community is essential to advancing clinical care and improving patients’ lives.

As a Member of Medicines New Zealand Janssen complies with the Code of Practice to ensure high standards of ethical and responsible promotion of prescription medicines in New Zealand and wherever possible to exceed those required by law.

The Medicines New Zealand and New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA) Joint Transparency Initiative (effective 1 January 2021) aims to promote public confidence in the biopharmaceutical industry through increasing transparency around the interactions between Healthcare Professionals and companies from the innovative medicines sector.

This means Janssen may publish information when we provide payments or transfers of value to Healthcare Professionals. Reportable payments and transfers of value are:

  • payments for the provision of services such as giving a lecture, chairing an educational meeting, providing advice as a member of an advisory board or as a consultant, and
  • airfares, accommodation and/or conference registration fees to attend medical education or as part of speaking or consulting services.

Disclosure requirements also apply to transfers of value made to New Zealand Healthcare Organisations such as hospitals or medical practices.

In accordance with the Medicines New Zealand Transparency Guidelines and New Zealand Privacy Legislation, Janssen publishes a yearly report (1 January to 31 December) which identifies Healthcare Professionals by name. Reports will be accessible on the company website by 30 June for a minimum of three years from publication. Links are available on the right-hand side of this page.


Medicines New Zealand Transparency Guidelines: 15 October 2020. Available at: