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When we see something special in oncology research,
we will go to the ends of the earth to get it done.

Craig Tendler, M.D

Vice President Janssen, Late Development and Global Medical Affairs

Janssen aims to fundamentally alter the way cancer is understood, diagnosed and managed. We’re committed to discovering and delivering new, transformational medicines. We’re determined to redefine the standard of care.

Our discoveries have produced new therapeutic options in prostate cancer, haematological malignancies, lung cancer and colorectal cancer. These are examples of treatments that are already helping to prolong and improve lives. This is just the start.

Janssen takes a complete overview approach to treatment. We understand that better patient outcomes depend on more than medicine.

That’s why we’re developing a range of programs to help transform the lives of those with cancer.

Patient Support Programs
Professional Partnerships
Medical Education

Offering information, education and personalised care

Cancer treatment can often leave patients with more questions than answers. Janssen helps by developing programs that work towards providing patients with personalised support, advice, education and encouragement throughout their entire treatment journey.

Working with key organisations to improve resources and services

We support a broad range of initiatives through partnerships designed to give patients a voice.

Our partners include

  • The Prostate Cancer Foundation
  • Leukaemia and Blood Cancer New Zealand
  • Men's Health Trust

Giving clinicians and researchers a platform to share best practice and insights

Janssen offers medical education programs such as the Haematology Weekend, which provides information on multiple myeloma, leukaemia and lymphoma. Another of our educational initiatives is Prospect, which focuses on advanced metastatic prostate cancer. Each program is developed by a local faculty of clinicians and researchers and created to meet current clinical needs.