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Commercialization: A Common Vision in Oncology

Commercialization: Strategically Aligned to Achieve a Common Vision in Oncology Innovation

“A good drug doesn’t sell itself.  Our commercial organization is the link between research and development and the marketplace – we work to incorporate physician, payer and patient needs into the development thinking and to ensure access and appropriate use after approval.”

Patrik Ringblom

Global Commercial Strategy Leader, Oncology

Janssen’s commercialization entities market our products in 175 countries. We are part of the most broadly based healthcare company in the world – The Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies – yet our decentralized structure ensures that we remain focused on the specific needs of the markets in every geographic area we serve. In those geographies our products stand out, thanks to a success rate in securing global trademarks and branding that is well above the industry average.

In oncology, our commercialization capabilities are maximized by full integration within Disease Area Strongholds – disease areas of intense focus where we cultivate deep expertise and are strategically aligned along with early- and late-stage research and development (R&D) against common goals and objectives. This unusual degree of integration means that real-world market perspectives are part of the mix as a project moves forward, with the added benefit that decisions can be made and strategies honed in real-time as we see the science or market conditions evolving. The marriage of commercialization expertise to deep scientific understanding enables us to provide input at the earliest stages of product development, helping to ensure that at launch the right data are developed to inform and aid the right targets, so new treatments can rapidly move into clinical practice.

Expertise Equals Access

Our market access capabilities are exceptional. Our deep expertise is recognized and respected by key thought leaders and healthcare decision-makers in regional and local markets worldwide. We approach market access with the same innovative mindset that permeates all of Janssen R&D – with an openness to new perspectives and collaboration that ensures clinicians and patients will be provided with transformational cancer solutions with demonstrated benefit.

To get groundbreaking discoveries to the patients who need them most, we combine world-class marketing capability and scientific insight. This makes it possible for us to participate in some of the most forward-looking discussions taking place about the practice of oncology and its future. With this access we can quickly gain market insights to optimize the way a drug is used after it is launched. To us, product launch is just the beginning of our commitment to achieve solutions that prolong and improve patient lives.



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