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The Take 10 Podcast Series

Introduction to Take 10 Podcast

Welcome to Take 10, where the topics are focused, the conversations are quick, and the insights are real. Each month, Tyrone Brewer, President of Janssen US Oncology, brings you thoughtful exchanges with patient advocates, researchers, innovators, industry experts, care specialists, and more – all to illuminate the most significant developments in oncology and the people who are redefining life with cancer.

Episode 1 – Jenny Ahlstrom, HealthTree Foundation

In our inaugural episode, Tyrone speaks with patient advocate Jenny Ahlstrom, founder of HealthTree Foundation, a tech platform that helps bring the patient community together. The two discuss the key role that patients play not only in their own care journey, but in the industry’s search to treat their disease.

Episode 2 – Imran Khan, Vice President, Janssen US Hematology Medical Affairs

In our second episode, Tyrone speaks with Imran Khan, Vice President of US Hematology Medical Affairs, about the historic disease landscape of multiple myeloma. The pair will touch on recent advancements that have redefined care for patients as well as the work Janssen is doing to support patients and address critical issues within multiple myeloma, resulting in improved patient outcomes and earlier detection rates.

Episode 3 – Jackie Kheene-Miron, National Director, Oncology Clinical Educator Team

In the third episode, Tyrone and Jackie Kheene-Miron, National Director of the Oncology Clinical Educator (OCE) Team, shine a spotlight on the invaluable role oncology nurses play caring for people with cancer, and touch on the challenges they face today, as well as how Janssen's clinical oncology educators are partnering with oncology nurses.

Episode 4 – Chumi Khurna, Vice President, U.S. Marketing and Sales, Solid Tumor and June Lanoue, Vice President., U.S. Marketing, Hematology

September represents both Prostate Cancer Awareness Month as well as Blood Cancer Awareness Month, two areas where Janssen Oncology is highly committed to reimaging care so that patients can redefine living. In this "Special Edition" Take 20 episode, Tyrone speaks with his Janssen colleagues, Chumi Khurana, Vice President of U.S. Marketing and Sales, Solid Tumor, and June Lanoue, Vice President of U.S. Marketing and Sales, Hematology. The team discusses the importance of going beyond traditional “awareness” and while exploring the progress being made as an industry to address these conditions and the treatment paradigms, as well as efforts to overcome health inequities when it comes to diagnosis and treatment.

Episode 5 – Luca Dezzani, Vice President of U.S. Oncology Medical Affairs, Solid Tumor

In this special ESMO episode, Tyrone sits down with Luca Dezzani, Vice President of U.S. Oncology Medical Affairs, Solid Tumor, ahead of European Society of Medical Oncology's (ESMO) annual meeting to discuss the cutting-edge innovations that have us most excited.

Episode 6 – Rhonda Meckstroth, Caregiver

In this episode of the Take 10 podcast, Tyrone Brewer will speak with caregiver and advocate, Rhonda Meckstroth. By discussing Rhonda's personal journey, her unwavering determination, and her invaluable insights, this episode underscores the vital role that caregivers play in their loved one’s cancer journeys, and the need for continued innovation in lung cancer.



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