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Finding Value Through the Product Lifecycle



Human lung bronchioalveolar carcinoma cell
Establishing and Capturing Value Throughout the Product Lifecycle

At Janssen, getting our medicines to patients who will benefit is our mission and why we exist.

From a market access perspective, this means that, very early in the process, we begin analyzing the unmet need and evaluating the epidemiology and economic impact. We provide insight into what payers value and the kind of data needed to gain reimbursement, so that clinical trials can be designed accordingly. We focus on establishing and capturing value throughout the product lifecycle, exponentially increasing the likelihood of gaining timely market access when the product is launched and then sustaining access through the lifecycle. This means that we need to capture data through the full lifecycle to ensure that we can prove the value to payers, providers and patients.

Janssen forms cross-functional teams, each organized around and focused on a specific compound from early development to commercialization. Experts in clinical development, global medical affairs, and strategic marketing and market access are integrated and able to provide input to help guide the end result, starting at Proof of Concept and continuing through every stage that follows.

While global alignment is a critical success factor for market access, we also believe that there is no substitute for deep expertise and familiarity with local market conditions, so we have designed an organization that instills consistency at a global level but allows for local adaptation. We have a global organization that coordinates extensive multidisciplinary market access teams working in every region of the world, including specialists in health economics, pricing, health technology assessment submissions and innovative access models. Those at the country level provide critical insights on local views and concerns and are able to make the case for product value based on their deep understanding of local reimbursement and pricing systems, needs and requirements.

At Janssen, we strive to develop innovative medicines that transform the way cancer is managed and to deliver those medicines to the patients who need them most.

About the Author

Patrik Ringblom

Patrik Ringblom is Global Commercial Strategy Leader for Oncology at Janssen Global Services. He is responsible for a fully integrated global team of experts in strategic marketing, strategic analytics, market access, medical affairs and portfolio management. Additionally, Mr. Ringblom shares the leadership accountability and responsibility to jointly set and execute the Oncology strategy, build Disease Area Strongholds and develop deep therapeutic area expertise. Read his full profile.