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Pamela Carroll, Ph.D.

Pamela Carroll, Ph.D.

Pamela Carroll, Ph.D. is Vice President of Oncology Scientific Innovation at Janssen Research & Development, LLC. She represents the Oncology Therapeutic Area in Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Boston and is responsible for leading partnerships and asset development on the East Coast.

Pamela is a biologist with an extensive background in oncology drug discovery and genomics/genetics, and a passionate proponent of novel models to better align science across academics and industry. Throughout her career, she has been responsible for numerous collaborations with academic researchers and biotech firms.

Formerly, Pamela was Vice President at Roche in Nutley, New Jersey, as Oncology Discovery Site Head and Global Head of Pathway Biology. Prior to Roche, she was head of research at the Belfer Institute for Applied Cancer Science at Dana Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard Medical School in Cambridge, Massachussetts. Pamela helped build the Belfer into a novel “biotech” construct in an academic setting, forging collaborations with two large pharmaceutical companies. Earlier in her career, she was Director of the Cancer Pathways Department at Merck. Her initial industry experience was in Applied Genomics at Bristol-Myers Squibb validating new targets for oncology and immunology.

Pamela earned her bachelor’s degree in Biology at St. Michael’s College in Vermont, and a doctorate in Cellular and Developmental Biology at Stony Brook University in New York. She was a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University in California.