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Healthy Minds & Future Leaders

Janssen’s Healthy Minds Program Awards Future Leaders With Global Mental Health Scholarships

Friend, teacher, father, firefighter – serious brain disorders can affect many people we know and love. Millions of people around the world with brain disorders have trouble finding  basic care. To accelerate progress in the fight against brain disorders, Janssen launched Healthy Minds, a comprehensive global initiative that brings information about mental health to millions of patients and fosters collaboration to advance neuroscience. Healthy Minds represents Janssen’s commitment to neuroscience-focused organizations, collaborative research initiatives and public education and awareness-building activities. It is an example of how strongly we believe that the solutions to disorders of the brain can be found through science if we continue to invest in new research and partnerships, all while working together more effectively.

Through Healthy Minds, our goal is to leverage our 50+-year heritage in neuroscience research through innovative partnerships that help to develop new research programs, expand data sharing among scientists and physicians focused on the brain or central nervous system, break down barriers to understanding the molecular and cellular origins of mental and neurologic disorders and help combat the stigma faced by those affected by brain diseases.

Healthy Minds in Action

In 2013 as part of its Healthy Minds Program, Janssen gave a £355,276 educational grant to the Centre for Global Mental Health, a program of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London in the United Kingdom. The grant ensures the advancement of the Centre’s Global Mental Health Scholarship Fund and supports scholarships for training nine outstanding future leaders in the mental health field during the 2014-2018 academic years. Scholarships are open to honors graduates around the world from or working in low- and middle-income countries, where the need for mental healthcare is disproportionately greater. Winners will attend, for one year, a rigorous Master of Science study in global mental health research, policy and practice that will prepare the next generation of mental health advisors and advocates in government ministries, international aid agencies and nongovernmental organizations.

“The goal of Healthy Minds and the Fund is to see more scholars dispatched to the corners of the world where their expertise is needed the most and will have the greatest impact.”

Husseini K. Manji, M.D.

Global Therapeutic Area Head for Neuroscience, Janssen Research & Development

Healthy Minds Video Series

The five-video Healthy Minds series discusses progress made in brain research and treatment, and offers insights for people living with mental illness, as well as those closest to them.

A Discussion about Major Depressive Disorder

Watch: A Discussion about Brain Health

Watch: A Discussion about Bipolar Disorder

Watch: A Discussion about Schizophrenia

Watch: A Discussion about Alzheimer’s Disease



Wendy Olsen, lincs
Wendy Olsen, lincs