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Mobile Health Monitoring –

MYHEALTHAPPS.NET for Mobile Health Monitoring

Janssen supported the launch of an international healthcare website called This website was developed to help patients and the public in finding relevant healthcare apps for smartphones that best suit their health and fitness needs.

Everyone—whether healthy or living with a disability or a chronic disease—faces different, complex daily challenges in trying to be as fit and healthy as possible. Few individuals receive the continuous support they need to help them tackle these complex challenges. Healthcare systems in most countries often lack the time and resources to consider the public’s diverse self-care needs.

Mobile health apps are useful and important technological tools to help promote “self-care” and prevention of disease. has a unique rating system for evaluating the quality of healthcare apps. It offers key insights to users and aims to increase transparency and trustworthiness of healthcare apps.

MYHEALTHAPPS.NET is an initiative from PatientView, a United Kingdom-based research, publishing and consultancy group. Janssen is one of the private contributors to the development of this project, which also receives support and encouragement from the European Commission’s DG CONNECT (Communications Networks, Content and Technology) and NHS England (Library of Health Apps).

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Wendy Olsen, lincs
Wendy Olsen, lincs