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About the Precision Medicine Model

"The right drug for the right patient, at the right dose with the right effect."

Dr. Paul Stoffels

Vice Chairman of Executive Committee, Chief Scientific Officer, Johnson & Johnson

Precision Medicine: Achieving the Vision of Personalized Health Outcomes
Patient selection

Advances in our understanding of disease, biology, and genetics are converging to drive significant improvements in medical care. We are working to deliver further progress through the development of companion and complementary diagnostic tools that support individuals that take our medicines. These diagnostics provide actionable information to healthcare providers, helping them make the best possible decisions regarding their patients’ care.




Strategically, we focus on diagnostics that align to our drug portfolio across our therapeutic areas:

This allows us to bring our deep knowledge of disease mechanisms and patient subtypes to develop comprehensive solutions.

Importantly, our work brings efficiency and value to the healthcare system by helping avoid ineffective treatments and supporting more effective management of healthcare resources.



Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine

Donna Williams, Family
Donna Williams, Family