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Partners in Precision Medicine

Janssen Diagnostics: Our Focus on Collaborations and Partnerships
Achieving Our Vision

A focus on collaboration and partnership is deeply embedded in the Janssen culture. As such, Janssen Diagnostics embraces a global view of collaboration, seeking out the most promising technologies and innovative minds to help advance and strengthen our portfolio of diagnostic tools and real-world evidence of health information solutions. Our key aim is to improve outcomes and quality of life for the patients and families we serve.

Unique partnership approach

We know that we cannot accomplish our vision of personalized medicine working alone. Our goal is ambitious and will result in a quantum leap in health outcomes for individuals globally. This type of paradigm shift will require the concerted efforts of drug companies, diagnostic developers, academics, policy makers and others. As we work to achieve our vision of personalized medicine, we champion innovative business models to incentivize our partners and share risk.

At Janssen Diagnostics we believe diagnostic information needs to be actionable and, where appropriate, provided closer to the point of clinical decision making.

In Oncology, we have a legacy of pioneering in developing and commercializing circulating tumor (CTC) cell diagnostics with CELLSEARCH®, the first and only CTC test to be cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration as an in vitro diagnostic, and now the development of a next-generation CTC platform in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. We are also working with many other collaborators to develop our Oncology platforms to serve unmet needs for healthcare providers, researchers and patients.

BiomarkersHealth IT
Advancing Our Portfolio

We work closely with the teams within Janssen Research & Development to define and develop companion and complimentary diagnostics for the Janssen portfolio of pharmaceutical medicines. In this role, Janssen Diagnostics routinely forms or facilitates relationships with external entities to access the expertise and platforms required to bring diagnostics forward in our five therapeutic areas of focus:

How We Partner

Each prospective partnership is unique, with distinct opportunities, challenges and considerations. So while we adhere to the tenets of Our Credo, we also respect the needs and limitations of our prospective collaborators, whether the potential agreement pertains to development, development/commercialization or commercialization.

We also strive to have a comprehensive view of our relationships. Diagnostic development is a complex endeavor, and agreements may need to expand beyond commercial and financial aspects, and consider sampling methods, results reporting and manufacturing depending on the engagement.

As a foundation for this approach, we champion new business models tailored to support the type of relationships we need, whether in development, distribution and market access as well as more traditional models for:

  • Research agreements
  • Product licenses
  • Joint ventures
  • Co-marketing arrangements
  • Venture investments

As part of Janssen, we have the infrastructure to work with current and potential partners across the continuum from research and development, to regulatory and market access strategies, and operations and commercialization. We have the global reach to orchestrate all of these various steps, integrating our shared and unique aims to meet patients’ needs.

Next Steps

We believe that true innovation comes from the continually expanding global think tank of talented and passionate pioneers. We are open to discussing potential partnerships and technology solutions that meet our above criteria. Please contact us.

Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine

Donna Williams, Family
Donna Williams, Family