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Cracking the Genetic Code

Cracking the Genetic Code: Why Gene Sequencing May Hold the Key to Intercepting Diseases Before They Start
Jan 15, 2020

Cancer. Alzheimer’s. Even suicide risk. The clues to preventing these and other conditions could be found in our DNA—and these scientists are at the forefront of promising new genetic data research to uncover them.

What if there was a way to figure out exactly who is likely to develop a certain disease, and what drives the development of it, before the disease even manifests? And then, what if we could target treatments to prevent it from ever happening?

It may sound like a far-off goal, but this kind of research is in the works right now at Janssen Research & Development

And it's all centered around studying a person's genes and DNA—the components that make up what we know as a human genome.

This article, written by Hallie Levin, can be read in its entirety on www.jnj.com


Research & Development

Research & Development

Judith Hinton Andrew, Rock Composite 22
Judith Hinton Andrew, Rock Composite 22