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Science of Immorbidity

“Imagine a world where people can expect to stay healthy and vital for life. We call this alluring concept immorbidity.

Frank de Wolf, M.D., Ph.D.


2nd International Symposium, 12 October 2017:
The Science of Immorbidity - New Approaches to Prevention
in Creating a World Without Disease
About the Symposium

The word immorbidity describes a state where a person is able to evade the diseases that typically come with age and stay healthy throughout a long life. Jaap Goudsmit coined the term two years ago and the Janssen Prevention Center's 2nd International Symposium will pay tribute to his contribution to the science of immorbidity. On October 12, world-leading speakers from academia and industry will discuss the scientific breakthroughs that led to this concept and will drive it forward. Research and discoveries in the area of infectious diseases, particularly HIV/AIDS and influenza, have led to models that can be applied to the preventions of age-related diseases, including certain types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders and neurodegenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer's disease. These themes will be discussed during the event. In addition, the symposium will address the role of innovative markers of aging in predicting the start and progression of age-related diseases. The importance of industry collaborating with academia to achieve these goals will be evident throughout the day, as together we focus on a future of life-long health.

Program and Speakers

View the complete program of the symposium and the speakers


To register for the symposium simply enter your details on the symposium registration page. We look forward to welcoming you to this inspiring event.


Located in Amsterdam on the norther side of IJ harbor, across the water from Central Station, the EYE Film Institute is one of the city's premier cultural centers. The symposium will unfold in a spectacular waterfront setting, with a spacious auditorium for our speakers' presentations.
Address: EYE Film Institute, IJpromenade 1, 1031 KT Amsterdam

The 3-minute ferry ride from Amsterdam Central Station to the EYE Film Institute is a great way to start the day. For more information and other transport options visit: www.eyefilm.nl/en/visit/plan-your-visit

About Us

With age comes illness, that’s the norm today. But does it have to be that way? At the Janssen Prevention Center, we imagine a future where the average person lives a long life in good health.

We are committed to identifying and researching innovative ways for individuals to measure, monitor and maintain their personal health. We do this in collaboration with colleagues across Janssen and Johnson & Johnson, as well as academic and industry partners. Learn more about us and our work on the Janssen Prevention Center website.