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Sustainability – Care4Today

Care4Today®: Mobile Technology Transforming Healthcare

Failing to take medication on schedule can spark serious consequences, including prolonged sickness and hospitalization. Why do people do it? Most commonly, it’s simply hard to remember to take medicines on time, all the time. That’s where Janssen’s Care4Today® Mobile Health Manager is transforming consumer healthcare. This convenient, free and secure mobile app and website delivers customized care where patients need it, reminding them to stay on schedule with medication, as well as when to renew prescriptions and refill vitamins.

Care4Today® App Health Manager

  • Situation: Half of all Americans with a chronic illness don’t take their medicines as prescribed, at an annual government cost of US$100 to US$289 billion
  • Imperative: Tackle a complex problem using simple technology and everyday devices
  • Goal: Better patient outcomes, more effective treatments and fewer adverse health events
  • Tackle why patients don’t follow doctors’ orders, whether it is poor motivation or simply forgetting
  • Use convenient devices: phones, tablets and computers
  • Employ research demonstrating that reminders, incentives and tracking help patients stay on their medication schedules
  • Deliver an innovative brand-neutral platform that’s shared and used for various lifestyle reminders

The use of the transformational Care4Today® platform increases steadily in the United States and the United Kingdom, with expansions to Mexico, Canada and Germany in 2015. Current use includes:

  • 75,000 registered users
  • 275,000 total downloads
  • 3,000 current active users
  • 200+ new downloads per day on average

Care4Today® Mobile Health Manager was officially recognized as an Essential Resource by the National Transitions of Care Coalition.

The Sustainability Factor

With Care4Today® Mobile Health Manager, Janssen contributes to its social responsibility mission of striving to generate the best health outcomes for patients while sustaining its business and healthcare systems. Central to that is ensuring people have access to medicines and understand how to take them properly. The pioneering Care4Today® app contributes to people’s personal sustainability by reminding them to take the easy steps which have been recommended to improve their health.



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