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Reducing Our Fleet Footprint: Creating the Safest, Most Sustainable Fleet

As a pharmaceutical company with a large sales force, the company vehicle is the main workspace for many employees. Buying, fueling and maintaining that fleet possesses the potential for broad business and environmental impacts. Recognizing this, Johnson & Johnson has set an ambitious Healthy Future 2015 goal to reduce CO2 emissions 20 percent by 2015. Janssen’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) fleet (one-third of the Johnson & Johnson total EMEA fleet) has been a leader in environmental practices, making strides in converting to hybrids and employing green and safe-driving habits. It has already reduced emissions to 127 grams per kilometer (g/km), 13 percent below the 147 g/km Johnson & Johnson global average.

  • Situation: Janssen EMEA set a global benchmark for improving fuel efficiency while lessening the environmental and human impacts of driving
  • Imperative: Address business and environmental impacts and share responsibility with Janssen EMEA drivers in order to meet our Healthy Future 2015 objectives
  • Goals: Decrease emissions, improve driving behaviors and reduce costs
  • Make green the norm by gradually transitioning the entire EMEA fleet to hybrids
  • Set individual goals for EMEA country offices in order to motivate employees to reduce emissions
  • Educate drivers to be safe and sustainable on the road
  • Pilot in-vehicle monitoring in order to track driving and fuel consumption patterns
  • Use cleaner and safer policies in all locations with a Janssen fleet
  • Since 2010, there has been a 20 percent absolute CO2 g/km reduction by the EMEA fleet (to 127 g/km); the target for 2017 is 99 g/km
  • In Poland, emissions reached 117 g/km—the lowest in the EMEA region, and 21 percent lower than the Johnson & Johnson 2012 average
  • In Belgium, there was a 7.6 percent reduction in fuel use from an eco-driving pilot program, inspiring a rollout of the same program in the rest of Europe and the United States
  • In 2014, 77 percent of the U.S. Janssen fleet vehicles purchased were hybrids
  • Luc Dendievel, International Fleet Manager for Johnson & Johnson, was awarded the International Fleet Manager of the Year for 2013; the Janssen fleet comprises 38 percent of the Johnson & Johnson total fleet
The Sustainability Factor

Janssen’s efforts to reduce pollution and enhance the safety of its vehicle fleet impacts the triple bottom-line by improving our environmental footprint, our employee health and safety and our business results. They also underscore the Johnson & Johnson Credo commitment to protect the environment, natural resources and our employees.



Pajaros, Julius Caesar Bustamante
Julius Caesar Bustamante, Pajaros