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Thomas M. Luby, Ph.D.

Thomas M. Luby, Ph.D.

Thomas Luby, Ph.D. is a Senior Director of New Ventures at Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Boston, focusing on early investments and collaborations in Neuroscience, Cardiovascular & Metabolism and Infectious Disease. Prior to joining the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, Tom worked at Shire, where he was the Senior Director of Research Ventures. In this position, he was involved in a number of successful early-stage investments in the rare disease space.

Tom has also held a variety of operational research and development roles in both start-up and mid-sized biotech. He has worked on multiple Discovery through Phase II programs in infectious disease, immuno-oncology and monogenetic disorders. His roles in both smaller and larger companies have allowed him to appreciate the opportunities and challenges of corporate partnerships in early-stage life sciences R&D. He firmly believes that larger company participation is essential to the success of the overall early-stage ecosystem, and remains committed to identifying teams and programs that can benefit from productive collaborations.

Tom received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from State University of New York, his Ph.D. in Immunology from Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts and was a post-doctoral fellow in the Cancer Cell Biology Department at Harvard School of Public Health in Cambridge, Massachusetts.