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Brexit Preparations

Brexit Preparations
At Janssen, our first priority is to patients

31 January 2020

At Janssen, our first priority is to patients. For more than three years, we have been preparing for a variety of Brexit scenarios and have taken the necessary steps, in collaboration with our partners, to help ensure that patients in the UK have ongoing access to our medicines.

In addition to following the stockpile guidance originally issued by the Government, Janssen has gone above and beyond by: 

            - Moving products intended for the UK market to dedicated UK distribution centres, to minimise the impact of possible border delays 

            - Sourcing additional warehouse space to accommodate the extra medicines located in the UK 

            - Identifying and implementing alternative distribution routes to avoid potential delays at the Calais/Folkstone ports

As the UK leaves the European Union, we are standing-down our current ‘no-deal’ preparations in line with updated Government guidance and focusing our attention on ensuring a future trade agreement that is in the best interests of UK patients.

We will continue to monitor the situation, working closely with our partners throughout the transition period, to ensure we are as prepared as possible for all potential outcomes.








Job Code: CP-137090                   Date of preparation: January 2020