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Case Study: Attigo

Case Study: Attigo

“I’ve really enjoyed working with everyone at Attigo. The support I’ve received and how instrumental it has been in improving my mental health to the best it has ever been, is something I won’t forget.”

Attigo employee


The Business

Attigo (part of Mednet Group) is a communications agency specialising in the healthcare sector. Their main social aim is to employ people who may be at a disadvantage in the labour market because of a long-term health condition. The company was set up in response to Johnson & Johnson expressing a strong desire to work with social enterprises.

The spend

Close to £1 million in 2018

The partnership

As a result of the Johnson & Johnson contract, seven full-time positions have been created at Attigo for people with lived experience of mental health issues.

“Attigo CIC has been working with Johnson & Johnson for over 2 years. The contract with Johnson & Johnson  and the support from the Senior Management team has been fundamental to the growth of the organisation. As a direct result of our work with Johnson & Johnson we have been able to employ ten people with long term health conditions - mainly mental health issues - who would otherwise have struggled to gain or retain employment"

-  Miranda Stead, Director, Attigo CIC