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Energy Week


Energy Week is a yearly event at Johnson & Johnson which aims to promote and engage staff in different sustainable well-being initiatives at home and at work.

Several events take place throughout Energy Week covering a variety of sustainability themes. The aim, to inspire and facilitate staff to reduce their energy consumption.

Energy Week increases the ease of access to energy saving information and facilitates energy reduction techniques in the workplace. Some themes previously addressed at Energy Week include; transport, waste, energy at home and health & well-being.

Previous Energy Week activities have included:

- Energy generating bike challenge

- Car sharing initiatives

- Specialist guest speakers

- Yoga and meditation classes to promote mindfulness

- Tours of solar panels on the roof and chiller farm

It doesn't stop here though; there are initiatives taking place across Johnson & Johnson globally that focus on energy and healthy lifestyles year-round.

Energy doesn’t just relate to physical consumption but also personal energy levels and productivity. ohnson & Johnson helps to facilitate this via Global Health Services initiatives such as 'Energy for Performance in Life'.  This programme is promoted during Energy Week and beyond to promote healthy bodies and healthy minds, to reduce burn out, and help employees live up to their full potential. In addition, a variety of fitness and mindfulness classes run throughout the year to increase happiness and productivity throughout the workforce. In pursuit of our goal, to be the healthiest workforce.