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Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Shortages in the UK

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Shortages in the UK

 As HRT shortages continue to impact patients in the UK, we wanted to provide an update on supply of the Evorel product range. We are acutely aware of how difficult this situation is for those who rely on our products, and we remain deeply sorry for this.

The situation in Europe has evolved rapidly over recent months and continues to do so, impacting several manufacturers, including Janssen. We continue to experience an unprecedented increase in demand for the Evorel range of products, due in part to the lack of availability of alternative hormone replacement therapies (HRT) not produced by Janssen.

So far this year, demand in the UK has already exceeded that of the whole of 2018, depleting all surplus stock. As a result, we are unfortunately anticipating a complete interruption to supply across the product range from October 2019, although certain patches may stock out prior to or following this date depending on demand. We are working on a return to full supply by mid-2020.

We understand the urgency of the situation and have already taken steps to prolong continuity of supply for as long as possible; including diverting as much Evorel stock as possible to the UK from countries where demand is not as high. This additional stock consists largely of Evorel Conti patches which has the highest demand. We have, and will continue to, allocate all available stock to those countries with the highest unmet need including the UK.

While these measures will not prevent a complete interruption to supply, they should provide additional time for healthcare professionals to talk to their patients regarding available alternative HRT options.

We will continue to work closely with UK Health Authorities, healthcare professionals and the British Menopause Society to provide further information and advice as the situation evolves. For patients with questions regarding current or alternative HRT therapies, we advise speaking to your GP or healthcare professional.

For pharmacists and healthcare professionals who are having difficulty obtaining supply of the Evorel range of products through wholesale providers, please contact our Customer Services team: [email protected].

If your enquiry is related to an adverse event, please contact our Drug Safety Department on 01494 567447 or by e-mail at [email protected]

The Janssen UK team


The Janssen UK team Evorel range of products supply interruption update as of 11th September 2019:

The table below provides further detail on the latest projected supply interruption dates across the Evorel range of products. Please note these are projections only based on current demand and remaining stock levels. There is a possibility some local pharmacies may experience shortages prior to these dates depending on ongoing demand.

Patch description                           Latest projected UK stock out dates (as of 11th September 2019)

Evorel Conti 24x1                          15th September 2019

Evorel Conti 8x1                            1st November 2019

Evorel Sequi 8x1                            1st October 2019

Evorel 50MCG 24x1                      9th November 2019

Evorel 50MCG 8x1                        10th November 2019

Evorel 25MCG 8x1                        19th February 2020

Evorel 100 MCG 8x1                     16th October 2019

Evorel 75 MCG 8x1                       16th October 2019







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