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Johnson & Johnson Ranks in Top 3 of Access to Medicine Index

As part of Johnson & Johnson, we’re proud to be recognized by Access to Medicine Index (ATMI) as one of the top 3 companies working relentlessly to expand global equitable access to medicines and technologies in low- and middle-income countries for more than a decade. 

The Index independently evaluates pharmaceutical companies over a two-year cycle in areas where they have the biggest potential and responsibility to make change, such as R&D and pricing. 

Our consistent leadership is the result of a longstanding, deliberate and focused strategy aimed at solving some of the most difficult global health challenges and advancing equitable access to care for everyone, everywhere.   

As identified by the Index, our progress continues to scale year-on-year with:  

  • Accountability for access to medicines at the highest levels of our company and processes in place to systematically plan for access early in the development of new innovation; 

  • One of the largest research and development pipelines focused on areas of high unmet need for underserved populations and industry-leading R&D capacity building efforts; 

  • A dedicated and growing Global Public Health unit focused on unlocking the full capabilities of the company to develop and deliver innovative technologies uniquely suited to the needs of underserved populations; 

  • Significantly increased efforts to strengthen health systems and support frontline health workers; 

  • Innovative collaborations and partnerships that leverage consumer insights, artificial intelligence, data sciences and drone technology to accelerate access from the laboratory bench through last mile delivery. 

Alongside the depth and breadth of J&J’s resources, it is our long-standing expertise in tackling global health challenges that has laid the groundwork and is enabling our comprehensive, rapid and equitable response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue to work with all our stakeholders to give everyone the chance to a healthy life.