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J&J - Coronavirus Update

J&J - Coronavirus Update

In just a few short weeks, this new strain of a group of viruses called coronaviruses that was first detected in Wuhan, Hubei province, China, has turned into an outbreak.   

To help stay ahead of a potential pandemic, Johnson & Johnson has mobilised quickly to initiate a project to develop a preventive coronavirus vaccine with the potential to protect people against the disease.

"The company has a long-standing commitment to fight emerging epidemics. We stand ready to support global efforts where it may make a difference. Developing preventive solutions for those who are most vulnerable to infectious diseases like these is our top priority. We have established technologies and facilities that enable us to create, test and scale up production for potentially transformational vaccines. Our experience in helping to address epidemics, coupled with our expertise in respiratory illnesses, uniquely positions us to address the latest coronavirus outbreak".

-  Paul Stoffles, Vice Chairman of the Executive Committe and Chief Scientic Officer at Johnson & Johnson.

Watch this video and meet some of the inspiring Johnson & Johnson scientists working on the novel coronavirus vaccine at the company's labs in Leiden, The Netherlands.









Job Code: CP-151757                           Date of preparation: April 2020