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Welsh Collaborative

Welsh Collaborative

At Janssen, we’re proud of our collaborations with healthcare systems and providers in the UK to help improve patient outcomes and the effectiveness of patient care.

An example of this comes from a unique project which began with a partnership between Welsh Government, NHS Wales, Myeloma UK and Janssen. 

The NHS Wales Haematological Malignancy Data Solution, (‘Haem Base’) has been created to help improve outcomes for blood cancer patients in Wales through the collection and assessment of clinical and patient reported data.

By colllating all of this data in one place, a patient’s healthcare professional team has access to information that can help them analyse which treatments are working and allow for a more specific assessment of what a patient can expect from their medicines.

Haem Base will provide NHS Wales with Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS); evidence to evaluate the treatments, interventions and pathways that are delivering the best value at an individual patient and population level. In addition to this, the solution will support NHS Wales in using  data and evidence to highlight variation and identify the areas of greatest opportunity to support the remodelling of services.

Here at Janssen, we’re extremely excited about what we can achieve in collaboration with Welsh Government, NHS Wales and Myeloma UK. This data solution allows us to measure the impact of treatment on patient outcomes and quality of life, helping us to better understand the burden of blood cancer and ensure that patients receive the best care possible.


"Businesses like ours have a unique opportunity to help people live longer, healthier lives, while bringing much needed value to the health system – and this is what we care most about. We are dedicated to making a difference by embracing new ways of working in Wales and across the UK, and we encourage industry, the NHS and other relevant stakeholders to continue joining us".

Lee-Ann Farrell, Government Affairs Manager, Wales & Northern Ireland, Janssen UK