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Our Contribution To Partnership Working

Our Contribution To Partnership Working

“I believe we – the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare professional and patient – share the responsibility to improve patient care"- Laura Stuart, Patient Advisory Committee

"We believe our first responsibility is to the patients, doctors and nurses, to mothers and fathers and all others who use our products and services...."

The values that guide us are described in Our Credo. Put simply, Our Credo challenges us to always put the needs and wellbeing of the people we serve first.

At Janssen, we work with patients across the entire business to ensure the best possible experience and health outcomes.  We remain imaginative and committed to developing truly remarkable solutions that bring value to patients, healthcare professional sand healthcare systems.


Our Patient Advisory Committee

Patient needs are always at the centre of our decision-making. Collaborating with patients helps us to find the best way to inform, assist and support patients and their families - today and in the future. This is why in 2019, we established our first Patient Advisory Committee formed of 10 patients who want to make a difference to the lives of others.

Through the development of the Janssen UK Patient Advisory Committee (PAC), we are capturing the patient voice across all key areas of our business; input into the research and development process, through to how we evaluate our business performance.

The PAC members come from a variety of backgrounds and are all living with different conditions, but they share the same passion: to improve patient care.

The committee brings unparalleled contributions across a range of projects spanning HR to medical education programmes and patient material creation - ensuring that we truly represent the needs of patients and their families across the UK. 

“I believe we – the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare professional and patient – share the responsibility to improve patient care. The PAC is an incredibly important platform, enabling me to share my experience and insights in an effort to shape the healthcare of the future, for all patients. Through the PAC I have a direct impact on projects which have the potential to improve the lives of others affected by the disease. I also have the opportunity to influence the focus for the future at Janssen, both at a corporate and therapeutic level.”

      -Laura Stuart, PAC Member


Our Commitment to Transparency

At Janssen UK, we are dedicated to ensuring that all relationships and partnerships proceed within a principled framework of mutual respect and learning, integrity, independence, and transparency.

In the UK, the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry’s (ABPI) Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMPCA) publishes a Code of Practice and as a member of the ABPI, Janssen has committed to comply with the Code and to operate in a professional, ethical and transparent manner to ensure that our medicines are used appropriately. Furthermore, as part of Johnson & Johnson, we pride ourselves on leading with transparency and integrity – sharing data, research and expertise to ensure a healthier future.