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Our Patient Advisory Committee

Our Patient Advisory Committee

We strive to always put the needs of patient’s first and so in 2019 we established a unique Patient Advisory Committee (PAC). 

Coming from a variety of backgrounds, the PAC members are all living with a variety of different health conditions, but they all share the same passion: to improve patient care. Their input ensures the patient voice is present across all key areas of our business from the research and development process, through to mentoring our Janssen UK board members.    

The Role of the Patient Advisory Committee

The PAC has a wide and varied role across our entire business. Acting as a sounding board and challenger for new initiatives and business decisions, as well as a collaborator for patient driven projects.

Their advice and input helps to shape business priorities and inform decision making, ensuring that Janssen continually delivers on our promise to always put the needs and wellbeing of the patient first.  This is achieved through four key areas:

  1. Advisory: Enabling teams within Janssen to bring ideas or projects to the PAC, who offer their insight and knowledge to advise on an approach. The PAC come together for quarterly workshops, facilitated by the Patent Engagement & Advocacy Team, with guest attendees from functions across Janssen.
  2. Business Partners: Two members of the PAC collaborate with Janssen UK's Gastroenterology and Haematology teams on disease specific projects. They provide informed opinion, based upon first-hand or relevant patient experience, to drive discussions and inform outcomes.
  3. Mentoring: Two members of the PAC act as mentors for the Janssen UK Management Committee, meeting with their mentee on a regular 1:2:1 basis to provide deeper insights which can help to inform decision making. 
  4. Challenging: The PAC seeks to explore parts of Janssen where they believe there is potential to further embed the patient voice.