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Our Commitment to Transparency

Our Commitment to Transparency
Public disclosure of payments to Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations

At Janssen, our core ambition is to bring innovative treatments to patients who need them.

Today’s medical challenges are far more complex than ever before. That’s why we never limit the search for new medicines to our own four walls. We look at the world as our lab, seeking innovative ideas wherever they occur. We believe in connecting our own expertise and capabilities with those of others, seeking the most creative minds in every field. Together, we can solve problems and find transformational solutions. At Janssen, we collaborate with the world for the health of everyone in it.

Yet it’s not just about finding new treatments. We look at these medical challenges in a broader context. We go beyond the medicine – ensuring people have the information, education and support to access the treatments they need and use them correctly for the best possible results. Helping people live full and happy lives inspires us. And promising new science and technology spur us on.

Collaborating with healthcare professionals and organisations is essential to achieving this ambition. We regularly work with healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations, for example inviting them to speak at medical educational events or seeking their advice and expertise on our services to patients and the healthcare community.  Individuals may sometimes be compensated for providing these services to the industry and these payments are referred to as Transfers of Value.  It can also include, for example, sponsoring an individual to attend an important medical congress by meeting their registration and reasonable travel and accommodation costs. Organisations may be provided with funding to help with education for healthcare professionals.

We are proud of these relationships and are encouraging all of our healthcare partners to join us in being fully transparent and disclosing the details of any payments we have made to them.

The requirement to disclose Transfers of Value on an individual basis is part of the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) code of practice and the information is published by the ABPI annually at the end of June.

Further information about the disclosure of these payments can be found on the ABPI website:

If you are a UK healthcare professional or healthcare organisation, further information can be found at:

Further information about our commitment to transparency in clinical trials can be found here

If you are a UK healthcare professional or healthcare organisation, further information can be found at :