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Supporting the UK Healthcare Frontline

Supporting the UK Healthcare Frontline
Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, our first priority has been to support the safety and well-being of patients, customers, our employees and the communities in which we live and work.

Our Medicines:

As the potential of repurposing certain Janssen medicines for the treatment of COVID-19 continues to be explored, Janssen fast tracked the availability of some of our oncology treatments at our own cost to help minimise time in hospital for potentially immunocompromised and vulnerable patients, and ease the strain on the NHS.

Our Donations:

  • London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine: A donation of $1M was provided to study public sentiment regarding current and potential future measures to contain and treat COVID-19.

  • NHS: The Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices facility in Leeds re-configured their 3D printing capability to produce face masks for donation to the NHS. To help fulfil the PPE needs of NHS staff during the pandemic, 15,000 coveralls, 14,000 aprons and 4000 goggles were donated directly to the NHS on behalf of the Company. In addition, over 376,000 full-sized and sample-sized Johnson & Johnson hand cream products have been distributed directly to healthcare professionals nationally, through the NHS supply chain.

  • Local Hospitals: Johnson & Johnson has engaged with two hospitals in close proximity to some of our UK facilities: The Royal Berkshire Hospital and Wexham Park Hospital. These hospitals have been offered a donation of £15,000, while the Air Ambulance Service, a local charity we have a long-standing partnership with, has also received a donation of £2,000.

  • Mental Health UK (MHUK): Through the Johnson & Johnson Foundation in EMEA, additional funding has been made available to our charity partner MHUK in order to help them sustain their helplines and advice services, which have seen an exponential increase in demand since the COVID-19 outbreak began.

  • NSPCC: Johnson & Johnson’s CALPOL® has extended its partnership with leading UK children’s charity, the NSPCC. Under the new collaboration, CALPOL® will provide a donation of £80,000 to the NSPCC’s helpline, which has seen calls increase by 22% following the COVID-19 restrictions. The donation will help the NSPCC to answer an additional 16,000 calls.

  • The Maudsley Charity: A donation has been provided to the Maudsley Charity, an organisation committed to improving mental health and wellbeing in South London. The donation of Johnson & Johnson smoking cessation products will be distributed to members of London’s homeless community.

  • In Kind Direct: A donation of 30,000 bottles of mixed toiletries, including all essentials, have been provided to this product giving charity which distributes consumer goods to not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises working in the UK and abroad.

Our Support of the NHS and Wider Healthcare Communities: 

  • Nightingale Hospital Build: Johnson & Johnson has provided product, service, and crisis commercial teams to enable the delivery of temporary treatment facilities in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, and Glasgow. Delivering product-related training, support and education to upskill healthcare professionals and deploying volunteers to support various operational roles.

  • Digital Operations: To help deliver on our commitment to supporting the NHS and ensuring treatment continuity for patients on Janssen medications or requiring medical guidance, wherever possible, our operations are now fully digital. We have reconfigured our teams and processes to ensure our Janssen Medical Information, Customer Services and Supply Chain functions are equipped, ready and able to support our patients and customers safely and efficiently.

  • Health Service Reconfiguration: To support the NHS and Private Sector as it underwent reconfiguration to provide emergency surgical services on behalf of the NHS, Johnson & Johnson provided assistance in several areas. This included, service set up and pathway management, provision of ‘crisis’ commercial terms such as deferred payment terms and relaxation of contract compliance, redeployment of surgical kit and the delivery of in-service training and education.

  • Educational Grants: Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices provided an educational grant of £106,000 to fund two research fellows as part of the Company’s Pan Surg partnership. The Pan Surg organisation was formed by a group of clinicians, surgeons and academics from the Department of Surgery and Cancer and the Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London, as a direct response to the threat that the COVID-19 pandemic poses to patients with surgical pathology and the people that look after them. Additionally, Johnson & Johnson will collaborate through the provision of education and data modelling by mobilising access to our in-house capabilities to support Pan Surg’s goals. 

  • Medical Volunteering Policy: Across Johnson & Johnson, a medical volunteering policy for COVID-19 has been put in place where the Company will provide up to 14 weeks paid leave for medically trained employees including doctors, nurses and pharmacists who are able to provide medical expertise in support of the ongoing fight against COVID-19. At least 40% of our eligible medical Janssen employees in the UK have either actively volunteered or are awaiting NHS deployment having registered their interest.

Our People:

  • We recognise the challenges the current situation presents for our employees from a personal perspective, whether they have caring responsibilities or are living with someone with underlying health conditions that requires them to shield. We are therefore doing everything we can to support our teams and provide some balance via flexible working arrangements to help our employees through this challenging time.