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World Mental Health Day- Partnering to make a difference

World Mental Health Day- Partnering to make a difference
Miranda Stead, founder of the social enterprise Attigo, and Danny Hamlin - Commercial Lead at Janssen UK, discuss the value of partnering to make a difference this World Mental Health Day.

Miranda: Attigo is the social enterprise arm of the Mednet Group – a healthcare communications agency that has worked with Janssen in the UK, since our inception eleven years ago.

Our aim is to employ highly skilled people who may otherwise struggle to gain or retain employment due to living with long-term health conditions such as mental illness.

Through our partnerships with other remarkable third-sector organisations such as Leeds Mind - we receive referrals of high-calibre candidates that simply need a little extra support to get back into the workplace.

Our experience of working in collaboration with people at Janssen has been fantastic; they live and breathe a culture of inclusivity and diversity with a complete and unwavering focus on the patient which is entirely aligned with our own values.  It was in fact Janssen, that inspired us to establish our social enterprise arm – Attigo!

Danny: The feeling is entirely mutual. At Janssen, we’re driven by the Johnson & Johnson Credo and partnerships with social enterprises such as Attigo fit perfectly with the approach we take to our business. We are also particularly passionate about mental health due to our longstanding heritage in neuroscience.

Not only is Attigo able to offer us a great service, we have the added benefit of knowing that through the work we provide them - we are also supporting those with mental health challenges, who might otherwise struggle to find job opportunities.

Miranda:  Our partnership with Janssen has already enabled us to employ fifteen highly skilled people and looking ahead, our ambition is to develop a global organisation delivering excellence in healthcare though inclusion and innovation. 

Our social aim is the DNA that drives quality and innovation though a highly qualified and fiercely loyal workforce, and by working alongside corporate organisations with heart such as Janssen - Attigo is confident that we can help to transform the lives of even more talented individuals going forward.

Danny: For Janssen, it’s all about encouraging our people to work with social enterprises like Attigo as the norm – not the exception. We have seen the incredible things that can happen for those furthest from the job market when companies like ours work together, and we are excited to see where the partnership takes us in the future

How Attigo has helped me

Having been a high achiever throughout my early education, it came as a shock when I started to struggle with anxiety and a loss of motivation during my University application process. Great results, however, spurred me on to qualify as a medical doctor

Working as a junior doctor in a busy hospital setting was rewarding but extremely overwhelming. I had to take significant periods of time away from work with symptoms of severe anxiety and depression and ultimately, decided to explore alternative career options, which brought me to Attigo.

My face-to-face interview was very relaxed and I felt like I could be myself; encouraged by the welcoming environment and the enthusiasm of those who interviewed me. I was told of my success the following day – a great relief that settled the inevitable post-interview worries.

My early impressions are extremely positive. There seems to be a genuine excitement about the work going on here. I have felt well supported and been particularly struck by the openness of my colleagues in discussing their own challenges and the way in which senior staff work alongside junior staff to enable a dynamic, creative and understanding environment

Senior Account Co-ordinator

Job Code: CP-112967                        Date of preparation: October 2019